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Inspired by a certain Mario Party minigame, you control a little critter balancing on a ball who is being attacked by skeletons (also balancing on balls)! Use the arrow keys to move around and bounce into your enemies. You get a point for each skeleton you can manage to push off the island before they push you off. How high of a score can you get?

As is typical for a game jam, I intended to include much more, but I had a lot of trouble with procrastination during this jam. It may be barebones, but at least it's a complete, playable game loop. Here's a tip: instead of trying to push the skeletons off the island, it's easier to get the skeletons to fall off the island by luring them towards you and quickly dodging out of the way. I attempted a fix to make pushing more effective, but I couldn't get the physics to work properly in time. I know what i would need to do if I were to revisit this game, though.


Sumo Circus.zip 13 MB

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