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Be a telephone operator in an apartment building where all the residents only talk to each other. Get more points the faster you complete calls... but make too many mistakes and it's game over!


My original goal for this game was to try to translate the chaos of collaborative disaster-aversion games like Spaceteam and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes into a single-player experience, but sadly, I had to drop the part that actually makes it chaotic. In my original design, each day, something would change: for example, two residents swap apartments, someone new moves in, or someone requests you to forward all their calls to someone else. Meanwhile, the directory of residents that you're using as a reference would *not* be updated; the new information would just be written alongside it in chronological order. As such, it would be harder each day to make the correct connections, because you'd need to check both the original directory and the changes that were made to it to mentally reconstruct the actual directory.

I hope it's still fun to play without that feature. As it is, the only way the difficulty ramps up is by slightly increasing the speed at which you get new call requests.

Fonts used are:
 - "Garogier" by Rogier van Dalen (for the number labels and Game Over screen)
 - "Skyhook Mono" by FontomType (for the computer terminal text)
 - "Special Elite" by Astigmatic (for the directory, training manual, and day start screens)
 - the Windows emoji set (for the icons on the directory and training manual)
The first and last names are taken from US Census datasets of the 1000 most common first and last names in the US, combined randomly (any name that matches a real person is pure coincidence... I've already gotten a couple celebrity names in playtesting).

Published 22 days ago


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